Welcome to the home of a group of Parelli students in the South West on the borders of Devon and Cornwall.  You are very welcome at any of our events. 

If you would like to receive our newsletter, please email
You can also chat and get involved at our facebook group
*** This is not an official Parelli site and is not endorsed in any way.
Please see www.parelli.com for further information on the programme, and you will find a list of south west instructors using the menu on the left.
Our group began some 9 years ago now.  And through many changes, and ups and downs, we have continued playing with our horses, and making (sometimes slow), but positive progress. Today, we have lots of Level 1, 2, 3 and 4 students.  Everyone is positive, and supportive and we always have a lot of fun!   As Parelli has become more popular, more play groups have sprung up across other areas of Devon and Cornwall and we always promote their events as well.
We hold regular events and courses and welcome new people, with or without horses at any time.
We don't have a membership structure as such, but do ask if you come to events that you contribute to school hire, or bring food and drink to share on social events.
We run a kitty to ensure that no one person gets left out of pocket in the event of a poor turn out; this has certainly proven sensible when for example bad weather means only the brave or fool hardy turn out! It also means we have a small budget to run the website, and for rosettes and prizes for Christmas time and other events.
You are welcome to just turn up as a spectator at any events - just come and introduce yourself! If you are planning to bring a horse, please Contact Us so we have an idea of numbers. Please note that there is a charge for participants and spectators at official courses with Parelli instructors.
It goes without saying that participation in events is entirely at your own risk, and that you should always wear the right safety equipment.
Please dont bring stallions, unstarted horses or those with behavioural problems to playdays! If this applies to you, please see the South West Parelli Instructors Page, and the official Parelli site who will be more than happy to help you.
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