August 2012 - The Horse Place's Open day was featured in a double page spread in Savvy Times, great job from everyone involved.
September 2011 - congratulations to Emily and Paul Titcombe, Louise Broadway and Nell Cruse - all now junior 1* trainee instructors, they will all be available for a limited time for free tuition

New Facebook page as the old group is due to be archived - please join in as it ensures you can be kept up to date with events

May 2011 - the South Hams Parelli group now have their own website -

A massive WELL DONE  to Tori Garnsworthy who has now completed her training hours, and is a licensed 1* Professional.  As a member of our group, she will be making herself available free of charge at a number of our events, so get involved.  She is of course also available for private instruction, she is based in Okehampton, but will travel, and can be reached on

March 2011 - congratulations to Sharon Crabbe, who is now a 3* Parelli Professional -

And also Tori Garnsworthy who is now a 1* Trainee Junior Parelli Professional.  Tori is currently available for free lessons (Online savvy only), up to and including L3, to 1-2 people for 1-2 hours - get in quick tho, because there are only 50 free hours available!  She can be contacted on
07772 857 423  or

April 2010 - Savvy camp at pontispool is now full with 54 people attending... great job vicky!
Sept 2009 - HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Sharon Haines who has achieved her 1* instructor status - WELL DONE much deserved from a lady who has been totally committed to her Parelli Journey
August 2009 - huge congrats to Vicky Clink and Shanti who have passed their L3 online and liberty, Louise Broadway and Mel their online and liberty, Rebecca Harris who has achieved her entire L3 - WELL DONE, and me and Giddy who got our L3 online ;0)
June 2009 - Anita Burns and Xeb have passed their Level 3 - And as if it could get any better, the man himself did Anita's online assessment. Pat Parelli commented "your audition was stylish and graceful" A well deserved pass

More passes - Anne Mather L2 online, Dave Weldon, L1++, Wendy Pickering L1+  WELL DONE EVERYONE!!!!!

April 2009 - Huge congratulations to Sharon Crabbe based in Devon who was awarded her 2* at the British Open - WELL DONE from us all
16th April 2009 - I have made the group booking as per normal for Parelli at the NEC
April 2009 - massive congratulations to Anita Burns and Xeb who have now passed their Level 3 Freestyle and liberty - just one to go now for their Green string!
And more congratulations to Holly Pearson who has passed her Level 1/2 online and freestyle at level 2++
March 2009 - huge congratulations to Rebecca Harris and Dotty (devon), and Sharon Haines (cornwall), both of whom have passed their Level 3 liberty under the new audition system - WELL DONE!
February 6th 2009 - the new Parelli Pathways for assessment are now online at the savvy club website -
January 31st 2009 - perhaps unbelievably, on the final day, Fleur and Giddy passed our Level 2, thrilled would be an understatement!
December 2008 - Huge congratulations to Vicky Clink for passing her level 2 - all done in just two short filming sessions - great job Vicky and Shanti


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